Portrait of the Breed

The Look

The German Longhair (DLH) is a medium sized, strong cat breed (females 3.5 - 5 kg; males 4 - 6 kg) with a close fitting, long coat. It shows no extremes and is neither very large like the Maine Coon, nor tiny, it is neither delicate like Orientals, nor as cobby built as Persians. Its movements are supple and combine power and elegance.

The semi-long to long coat is silky, dense and does not stand out from the body. All colours and patterns are permitted. Like the Siberian, the DLH has a dense undercoat, especially in winter, but the outer coat is much softer. Many German Longhair cats show the typical parting of the back, especially in winter. The ruff, the flanks, the breeches and the tail, which ends in a rounded tip, have particularly long and luxuriant coats. Due to the special structure of the hair, the coat of the German Longhair does not tend to mat despite large amounts of fur, so that a Deutsch Langhaar cat can manage the grooming by itself most of the year. Only during the coat change in spring should you support your cat by brushing it from time to time.

The overall slightly rounded head of the German Longhair cat also shows harmonious, gentle contours. The ears, slightly rounded at the tip, are medium sized and about as wide as long at the base. The forehead, which is not arched as in the Persian, but only slightly rounded as in the European, merges with a gentle curve into the medium length nose, which is slightly Roman in profile. Under no circumstances should the profile have a distinct stop as in the Persian or be straight as in the Norwegian.
Although the large head is slightly longer than broad, a broad, blunt ending muzzle reinforces the rounded impression. Unlike the British Longhair, the whisker pads should not stand out clearly, but blend harmoniously into the cheek area. Although the chin is strong, there should be no exaggeration.

The large, open and slightly slanted eyes enhance the friendly, open overall impression of the cat.
Down to the details the German Longhair could be described as a moderate cat. All characteristics are in the medium range and leave the observer with the impression of natural elegance, health and harmony.

The Nature

Cuddly, social, playful, friendly and uncomplicated - this is how one can summarise the temperament of the German Longhair Cat. All these are great plus points. What lovers also appreciate about the German Longhair is its pleasantly relaxed temperament in the medium range, which means that it can also be kept indoors. This does not mean that the elegant cuddlers are phlegmatic bores. On the contrary, they like to play with a fishing rod or romp around with their feline buddy. Activity in the German Longhair Cat is in good proportion to relaxation and enjoyment, it is not an extreme cat in any area.
That's why it harmonises with all housemates who do not have special demands on activity, contact or rest.


A typical German Longhaire is a robust and healthy cat. Since in the breeding of the German Longhair attention is paid to a high genetic diversity and healthy breeding animals, up to now no breed-typical diseases are known.



Black tabby German Longhair male

White male with a typical profile

German Longhair kittens












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