The GLH - present and past

As already the German felinologist Prof. Schwangart stated the German Longhair should show a "noble conformation as given by nature." The shape of the head "in profile resembles the Tabby Shorthair, also akin to the European Wildcat, and should be preserved, ..., taking into account the general characteristics of our Longhair. Indeed it appears estetically very attracting."

To illustrate Schwangart's statement you can see historical photographs of German Longhair cats (left side) and GLHs of today (right side).


Historical photographs GLH of today


Cosma Shiva von Germangora


Evita von Germangora


GLH-kitten 2010

Fluffy von den Kuelfkatzen

Fuchs v.d. Rheinburg (federal winner 1932)

Noroelle's Baldur

Aschemeier's Schaetzchen v. Germangora, 2010
(GLH from old lines)

Fiona von Germangora



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