We're glad you're interested in this wonderful cat breed called German Longhair, or Deutsch Langhaar (DLH) as we say in German.

This is the official website of the German Longhair Working Group (IG DLH) and is all about this friendly, solid and natural-looking longhaired cat breed.

Here you will find a lot of information about this preciously rare, oldest cat breed originated in the German speaking world: their history, breeding programm und breeders, as well as many photographs and litter ads.

You can find more information on the breed's current development  in our article "The history of the German Longhair"


First and foremost we address ourselves to people looking for a healthy kitten with an adorable character and a coat easy to groom. We want to support finding a DLH breeder who

  • breeds by the original desription of the DLH by Prof. Schwangart
  • supports the DLH breeding program and who
  • does their very best to breed healthy, perfectly socialized and typey DLH kittens.

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions regarding the German Longhair cat!



Nidi und Cosma Shiva von Germangora
Mandie von Germangora

Charming Boy von den Bülsern
Noroelles Baldur
Cherimoya von Sinthari
Leeloo von Sinthari
Noroelles Cini-Mini
Halldor von Germangora



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